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January 16, 2012 marked an important milestone for people residing in the remote areas of America. ViaSat, which owns WildBlue, started rolling out Exede satellite Internet that allows these residents to enjoy the same blazing speeds as their city-dwelling counterparts. The fastest Internet speed the rural residents could get before that date was 2.0 Mbps, which also came at a hefty price. Now they have the opportunity to get download speeds of up to 12 Mbps at affordable rates.

Exede Internet provides the fastest speeds even in the remotest locations. Even people living in the Great Plains can enjoy the Exede5 package that gives them download speeds of 5 Mbps, which is still two and a half times faster than what used to be the fastest speed.

Nothing has had such a powerful impact on the satellite Internet market in the past six years!

Exede Internet - More Details

Exede has brought significant changes in the rural broadband landscape and beyond. The rural residents had to rely on satellite Internet using old technology, which was relatively slower yet more expensive. That used to be the only alternative to the slow dial-up connections.

With Exede Internet service, however, ViaSat has made it possible for these people to get the same super-fast speeds that cable Internet provides. Indeed, the service is even faster than some cable and DSL Internet services. The download speeds of 12 Mbps had never been heard of in the world of satellite Internet.

Exede Internet has freed the rural residents from their previous limitations. There is no longer any reason why you should get a slower Internet service simply because you are in a remote location. Whether you are a business owner or need Internet in the rural areas for mission-critical purposes, you will get similar services to what people in cities get.

Priced from $49.99/Month!

Exede Internet service gives you the opportunity to enjoy true broadband access. What's more, the service is cheaper than you would expect. With packages starting at only $49.99 a month, Exede is not only fast but also affordable.

ViaSat has raised its Fair Access Policies or threshold limits to 25 GB per month. This allows you to use VoIP services, download different types of media and stream movies among other things.

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